Strength Through Conceive!

Aug 13, 201995 minutes

THIS WEEK, more pro-white family content in 90 minutes than should be legal...and given the pace of events, one day soon may not be! So bask in the sunset of the old order, settle into your favorite comfy chair, and enjoy another very special Full Haus live and in-studio from Smasher's bugout basement and with special guest Franz.

Break music: Scotland the Brave by the Pipes & Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment

Closing music: "Think Twice" by Eve 6

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SHOW NOTES Congratulations to Baker & Wife on their first! Sky King Tribute Special Guest Intro: Franz Dissident Housewives Plug: Trying To Have Children / The Fertility Question Sex Fear Propaganda Epstein Victory Lap, Sort of Red Flag Laws...for Dads? BREAK Shoutout To International Listeners / Top 5 Listening Countries Smasher's Tool Time/Smasher's Old House/Smash This House HVAC Cooling/Heating Listener Questions...and Answers! Stephan Molyneux takes the Coach Pill

We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

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