Sep 7, 2019112 minutes

This week Coach and Smasher recall the experience of their past weekend working on Coach's house together (along with other members of the community). With fall officially a few weeks away Coach and the birth panel talk about back-to-school memories along with some fond fall memories. Coach and the crew (especially Smasher) give a shout out to Harry Flashman for the generous donation. Sam covers life hacks with the NoCaf Challenge and his Birth Control Gamer Glasses. The Birth Panel checks in on Jayoh and his baby boy. Coach delivers another Comfy Corner. Finally, the guys briefly go over their picks for wholesome children's literature.

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Break music: "Shelter" Ben Nichols

Closing music: "High Hopes (Live In Gdańsk)" David Gilmour

-Show Notes-

Back To School

Fall Memories

Party At Young Coach's House

Dabbling Stories


Donation Appreciation - Harry Flashman

Sam's Life Hacks

Praying Brings About The NoCaf Challenge

Smasher's Kidney Stone and Hip Shattering Catheter Story

Sam's Birth Control, Gamer Glasses

Checking In On Jayoh's Boy

Coach's Comfy Corner

Children's Literature Suggestions


We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

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