Alex McDadd

Nov 25, 2019125 minutes

A much-belated AND much-awaited Full Haus Episode 27 features relatively new dad Alex McNabb sidling up with the Birth Panel to wax on fatherhood (of course), health and fitness, what to put in your bugout medkit, psychological dynamics, capitalism's role in our slow demise...and a little more! Tune in for a rare early Monday FH release just in time for rush hour.

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Break track: "Iris" by The New Division

Closing track: "Undo the Silence" by Pulser

Book cited in Sam's Life Hacks: "The Four Temperaments" by Randy Rolfe

Striker on Unz!

Reminder that we are compiling a list of classic and wholesome children's literature and other gifts in advance of Christmas. Please email us your recommendations or let us know on and it shall be compiled in time for your shopping.

We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

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