The Vaccine Question

Sep 28, 2019104 minutes

This week the Birth Panel tackles the Vaccine Question, fedposting, managing kids with kid gloves, and the now regular allure of talking home improvement. If you don't listen, you're not listening!

Shout Outs: - Women for Aryan Unity - Might White Soap Co NRG, Whereever racist podcasts are sold! Cold Forged & The Boys on The Front Porch Siegfried Engelmann's Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

TOPICS: -White Fat Albert's Vaccines -Struggle vs. Retreat

  • New Realities of Fedposting

Break music: Whatever You Say Say Nothin! by Makem and Clancy

-Jayoh's Potato Comes Home -POZ'd Babysitters Club

  • Basements & Crawl Spaces!

Closing music: Rainbow In The Dark by Mr. Ronnie James Dio

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And we love ya fam, and will talk to you next week.

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