Breed the Troops

Oct 11, 2019136 minutes

The Birth Panel welcomes TWO all-stars this week for a wide-ranging discussion on pro-white natalism, the joys and responsibilities of fatherhood, and a lot more politics than usual. Join Wild Rich and Striker for this more-epic-than-usual episode. BOOM!

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Break music: "Stay the Night" by Benjamin Orr

Closing music: "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden


  • Thanks to donors
  • On second thought, DON'T buy Black Rifle Coffee
  • Read National Justice
  • Pro-Natalism Dust up with Wild Rich
  • Emmanuel Celler as Hero!
  • Northern Poverty Law Center -Coach’s comfy corner
  • Smash this house
  • Tile crash course
  • No Bol in Nazbol with Striker

We still love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

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