White Dad Pro-Tips (Keep the Tips!)

Jul 27, 201993 minutes

This week the Birth Panel fills in a key gap from the dating show (real vs. fake dealbreakers), rapid fires pro-tips in response to audience questions, celebrates new white babies en route, and does an exemplary job of providing way too much content in 90 minutes than should ever be reasonably expected. Kick back and enjoy...solo or with your loved one. We love ya fam.

  1. Dating Dealbreakers
  2. New White Babies En Route!
  3. Epstein Update
  4. The Twitter Train-Wreck
  5. Fatherland Kudos
  6. Heartfelt Listener Feedback
  7. Dealing With Pesky Rascals
  8. The Spanking Question
  9. Colic
  10. Allowances
  11. Mowing the Lawn
  12. And more!

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