Fight or Flight 109?

Aug 29, 2019115 minutes

This week a very rare five-birth panelist Full Haus expertly manages to not talk over each other while dealing the expected wisdom and laughs. Tough calls on whether to stay and fight or do the white flight bit, looking at your wife differently after the birth of your first, arguments for joining civic societies, a lean mean Smash This Haus, and tips for becoming a slumlord all await you in this polished gem of an episode.

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Break music: "The Swimming Song" by Loudoun Wainwright III

Closing music: "Living on a Thin Line" by The Kinks

Show Notes 109 Counties Have Become Majority Nonwhite:

Audience Questions:

"As a White father how do I and my wife help our high school age children deal with being in a minority at school?"

"How long do you wait between a birth and the next pregnancy?"

Jayoh Dad La Rey Checks In: Life is different now.


Coach's Comfy Corner: Three Quick Tales

Joining Professional or Civic Societies

Smash This House: Listen To Your Light Switches (they're trying to tell you something!) Find Studs At The Stud Bay Turn Your Water Main Off If You're Doing Water Work Nifty Tree House Check In

Mr. Monopoly: Nifty Talks About Buying Properties To Rent & Flip

We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

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