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Coronavirus on the Haus

Jan 28, 2020133 minutes

This week we round out our prepping basics series by taking a look under the hood of the "novel" Coronavirus to figure out if we're all gonna die...or all gonna make it. We also discuss that most of our audience is surprisingly unmarried without kids and what it means for the show, dealing stoically with a miscarriage, and then everything goes to hell in the second hour. Come with us if you want to live!

Break track: From 1987, "Time Stand Still" by Rush. F for Neil Peart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMSFqXGZ5TQ

Closing track: From 1970, "Lady in Black" by Uriah Heep https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0H48bpJziQ

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The Rolling Pharmacy The bag doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be tactical or even expensive. Think function over style. Look to maximize space and the ability to safely store the items needed. Pharmacy contents should be considered in terms of severity 1) Medical- Cuts, bumps, bruises, upset stomach, the usual stuff that your parents always seemed to have medications or interventions on hand. 2) Two is one, one is none. Consider the group of people you’re riding with and cover each one of them. 3) Contents: -Eye protection and N95 Masks (check box for the filter quality, must be N95) -Advil (Motrin for kids) -Aspirin (Adult and baby) -Tylenol -Benadryl -Immodium -Allergy medication (Allegra, etc) -Neosporin or antibiotic ointment -benadryl or cortisone cream -Hand Sanitizer -Contractor Trash Bags -Rubber bands or closures for bags -Eyedrops (allergy and lubricating) -2 gallons of water -antibacterial soap -wet wipes -various bandaids and tape for minor cuts Keep an inventory and rotate it. If you or your family has specific chronic conditions (Asthma, diabetes, cardiac, etc) keep your meds handy and train other people on your condition, treatment, and signs and symptoms.

We love ya fam, and we'll talk to you next week.

Apache's Incredible Bugout Bag

Jan 19, 2020142 minutes

Nobody Rides For Free

Jan 8, 2020122 minutes

Roar In the 20s

Jan 1, 2020143 minutes

White Christmas

Dec 24, 2019134 minutes

White Wives Matter

Dec 16, 201994 minutes

'Tis the Season!

Dec 8, 2019101 minutes

Alex McDadd

Nov 25, 2019125 minutes

No White Guilt. Not Ever!

Nov 10, 2019119 minutes

Prolific pro-white warrior Jason Kohne joins the Birth Panel to discuss his approach to white wellbeing

Ahoy, Ahab!

Oct 25, 2019142 minutes

Ahab joins the Birth Panel for a wide-ranging discussion of all the most important things


Oct 21, 201956 minutes

Tony Hovater joins Coach and Sam for a comfy show. Drop in!

Breed the Troops

Oct 11, 2019136 minutes

Wild Rich and Striker join the Birth Panel to talk fatherhood, natalism, and our prospects

The Vaccine Question

Sep 28, 2019104 minutes

Vaccines, Fedposting, & Beyond

Full Hausboat

Sep 13, 2019110 minutes

Roscoe joins the Birth Panel for a fun and serious reflection of what makes great dads

Fight or Flight 109?

Aug 29, 2019115 minutes

Dealing with diversity, marriage changes after your first, civic societies, the real estate game, and more

New Blood

Aug 20, 201998 minutes

Jayoh welcomes his first child

Strength Through Struggle...to Conceive!

Aug 13, 201995 minutes

Aiming for that first baby, Smasher home improvement tips, audience engagement AND MORE

The Homeschooling Question: ANSWERED

Aug 5, 2019100 minutes

Everything You Need to Know About Our Most Requested Topic

White Dad Pro-Tips (Keep the Tips!)

Jul 27, 201993 minutes

Dating Dealbreakers, New Babies En Route, Pesky Kids, Spanking, Allowances...AND MORE

Get the Gringa

Jul 20, 2019100 minutes

Tips for Improving Yourself, Finding a Mate, Locking it Down, & Getting the Show on the Road!

Just Do It!

Jul 13, 2019103 minutes

The Coach Pill (Or How We Quit Making Excuses to Not Have Kids)

Independence Day Extravaganza

Jul 4, 2019104 minutes

4th of July Memories & Analyzing Our Own Dads

Eastern European Promises

Jun 30, 201969 minutes

To fish for women in Eastern Europe or not, the joys and challenges of the kids that might result, and the Russian Question.

Full Beachaus!

Jun 22, 201971 minutes

A very special Full Haus this week, recorded live and in-person on family vacation

Full Hauscleaning

Jun 18, 201969 minutes

Going through the mailbag

They're Turning the Kids Gay (on D-Day)

Jun 12, 201975 minutes

Vaccinate Your Kids (Against Poz)

Jun 4, 201961 minutes


Episode 1: Origins

May 17, 201971 minutes

Episode 4: The Circumcision Question

May 12, 201990 minutes

Cutting Commentary on a Very Sensitive Topic!

Episode 3: The Six Million Dollar Men

May 3, 201984 minutes

Diversify your bonds, fathers! (financial tips throughout)

Episode 2: TWINS!

Apr 28, 201969 minutes

We grill Smasher on being a first time father surprised by twins.

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